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Welcome to The Neo Glade! This community is to share helpful links and information, or to just chat in general about Neopets.com. There are some rules to follow, for the safety of all members. Please read them before posting!

1. Do NOT give anyone your password, pin numbers, or any other personal information that could allow them access to your Neopets.com account. (this goes without saying, but whatever...)

2. Only the maintainer of the community (that's me!) can post links to sites other than Neopets.com. This rule is in place for the safety of the members. I will only link the most trusted and well known offsite links, so as to ensure the safety of our members. If you have an onsite link (such as a petpage) you would like to link, feel free to do so.

3. No begging. Nobody likes a beggar. Asking people to donate to you, give you their pets, or lend you Neopoints for something is consitered begging by TNT's standards, and will not be tolerated.

4. This is a Neopets community, so please keep your topics and everything Neopets related.

5. NO begging for beauty contest votes. Those types of posts are extremely annoying.

There may be more if the need arrises, but for now this should do. I will post some helpful stuff here soon, so keep an eye out for it!
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